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So lately we have been recieving a lot of messages and emails from people who are interested in buying our  designs wholesale so they can take their business up a notch with new designs or just start a new business in selling quality modest clothing.

After much consideration, we've decided to go ahead and help promote our costumers' business, both looking to start a business or boost their product variety. 

You will be able to SELECT any designs that you may be interested in to buy in bulk at very affordable cut down prices

But thats not all! For anyone interested in designing their own abayas or dresses, @AEC will be able to help in bringing that to life! Designers can pick their own colours, fabrics and styles and submit them to us where we will produce them in high quality standard for wholesale purchase exclusively for each designer. 

Don't miss this great opportunity to follow your dreams in having your own Fashion business. AEC takes pride in providing fashionable, modest clothing that suits all womens' taste and we wish to help you do the same! 


Select any design or send your design by email or whatsapp +447498674557. 

2) We will give price and delivery INFORMATION 

we will give cost detail plus shipping and delivery time. in case you have your own design, we can make a sample and send it to you before we take the full order.

3) you receive your items

Once items are ready, we will dispatch it to the provided address. Please note, you are responsible for any Tax charges in your country.

4) we also provide logo and website design service

we can also help set up your own website at minimal cost. we can put your label on the clothing.