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About Us

AEC is an online fashion store based in London. It is a clothesline that aims for modest yet fashionable styles. AEC also aims for every girl to feel beautiful in whatever their style is, which is why we work hard everyday to create different styles for all the different personalities out there. Whether you're a sporty girl, chic and elegant, or flashy, AEC has got you covered. 

Your confidence in your modesty is what truly shines, but AEC aims to add that extra sparkle. AEC strives to provide awesome service, the best modest styles and the hottest trends.

AEC's items offers a degree of unique, elegance and beauty to the upmost beat. The designs range from simplicity to highly impressive designs. AEC's variety of materials and fabric are very carefully embedded by myself, in order to accustom to all types of occasions and seasons. Materials such as: silk, satin, chiffon, crepe, lace, net, Japan crepe, Korean, Lexus and many more. Our Fabrics come from India, Turkey, Egypt, Korea, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.